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Coalescence by Kevin Zetina (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

Coalescence by Kevin Zetina (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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“What you’d imagine a Jackson Pollock painting would sound like” - Robert van Sice

Coalescence (2021) is my first true experiment with ‘serializing’ rhythm to harmony. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that polyrhythm and harmony are the same thing on different scales (a 4:5:6 polyrhythm played on an unpitched instrument would sound like a major chord when sped up to an extreme degree), and have always wanted to explore that concept through composition. While this work does not serialize the polyrhythms to the harmonies in the literal sense, it does so in a more subjective and hopefully more organic sense.

As someone who deals mainly in process-based music, I’ve long considered my music to be largely unemotional, unprogrammatic, or simply music for music’s sake. However, it was through writing Coalescence, a process-based piece just like any other piece of mine, that I’ve truly started to discover the subconscious effects that emotion has on almost every aspect of our lives. One can ascertain the geopolitical climate under which this piece was composed, but aside from that, Coalescence was written in a period of deep personal loss; whether I wanted it to or not, that fact has affected the core of the piece on levels I am only beginning to understand.

Coalescence was commissioned by Robert van Sice and the Yale Percussion Group (YPG) in 2020. I give my unending gratitude to Bob for asking me to write this piece and to Russell Fisher, Jacob Gutierrez, Sijia Huang, Makana Medeiros, Yukiko Nakamura, and Michael Yeung for premiering it. The work is dedicated to my grandparents, Beto and Irma Zetina

— Kevin Zetina, composer

Instrumentation (6 players):

  • Vibraphone 1
  • Vibraphone 2
  • Marimba 1
  • Marimba 2
  • Piano 1
  • Piano 2 (optional)

Specs: Digital Download PDFs (1 score, 6 parts) and M4A (click track) 17.29MB, 8 files total, Advanced level. 

About the Composer:

Kevin Zetina is a passionate performer, composer, and arranger of all things contemporary whether it be performing seminal works of the last century, premiering or writing brand new works, or arranging popular music for contemporary classical ensembles. As a percussionist, he has performed with members of Eighth Blackbird, Ensemble Signal, the JACK Quartet, and the Bang on a Can All-Stars. Having grown up as a guitarist playing various sorts of death metal, Kevin has always been drawn to music that is experimental in nature. In this effort to push musical experimentation, Kevin started the first student-run new music ensemble at the Yale School of Music: Versicolor. The group champions composers who would otherwise be underrepresented and provides a space for contemporary music at Yale. Kevin has played frequently with the Austin based contemporary chamber music group, Density 512 and has served as the Production Director for the Nief-Norf Summer Festival.

Kevin currently serves as Lecturer of Percussion at the University of Tennessee Knoxville where he teaches applied lessons to percussion majors, Percussion Methods to Music Education majors, and directs the UT Chamber Percussion Ensemble. He holds a BM from the Eastman School of Music with the Howard Hanson Scholarship where he studied with Michael Burritt, and he earned his MM and MMA degrees from Yale University as a Havemeyer Scholarship recipient under Robert van Sice. More info at

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