About Liquidrum

LIQUIDRUM is a new kind of percussion company. We’re interested in engaging the larger community with ideas and trends in performance, pedagogy, and percussion lifestyle. In essence, we’re an outpost for contemporary percussion culture.

We began this journey back in August of 2015. First, there was the idea for the accessories book. Then we started sharing some thoughts here and there via our social media outlets. Nothing groundbreaking — just some pedagogical insights, performance hints, and maybe a pic or two of some 10-mallet marimba playing. And then we got a nice video camera, hit record, and things suddenly changed. Our first offering was a nine-minute video treatise on how to get ready to play the triangle. There were no satirical leanings, no caricatures, and no intended parody. But in the process a light bulb went off. We realized we had some ideas about how to present pedagogically sound information in a slightly different way. So one video became two and two became four. And pretty soon we had an extensive video library focused on percussion pedagogy, performance, and community — most laced with a hint of satire and humor.

Which brings us to now. Our aim is to continue spreading big ideas through drums, percussion, and music in general, whether through books, blogs, videos, or performances. We invite you to stop by, hang out awhile, and share in the joy of percussion with us.