Make Something Different

Make Something Different

As you embark on today's journey into music, art, and life, carve out time to make something different.

The peace of predictability we find in our patterns and routines is beneficial, yes. These patterns create a framework for operation that we can easily enter into the moment we wake up and get out of bed. The framework breeds efficiency and a form of productivity sometimes referred to as "getting things done". It's how I pay the bills, clean the house, keep the cat alive, and irrigate my yard.

But these patterns and routines rarely create something extraordinary. They speak only to the status quo. And maybe they produce a really great version of the status quo, maybe even a slightly better version than your friends and neighbors...but that's not why we're here. 

Inevitably these systems of efficiency we've created bleed into our art, our passions, and our relationships. We apply them to everything because we think they work. But I'm certain people don't want to listen to the music I create because of the beautiful systematic framework of production I used to birth it. And my wife and kids don't love me because I'm an efficient member of the family.

Give it a try today. Throw a wrench in your system. Challenge yourself to create in a new way. Make something different.

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