Interview with Keith Williams, Part 2

Interview with Keith Williams, Part 2

In the sequel to Part 1 of our interview with Keith Williams, we discuss orchestra festivals, grad school auditions, beta blockers, perseverance, and more. Keith even divulges what he loves/hates about his adopted state of Texas. 

What I love and find absolutely fascinating about Keith's story is how unwilling he was to quit pursuing his goal of winning an orchestra job. To be clear, Keith doesn't expend energy or airtime talking exhaustively about his "struggles". He simply mentions them as the stepping stones they were:

"I didn't get into grad school for two years. . . and then I got into all of them." 

"I didn't advance beyond prelims in the professional auditions I took. . . I then I won a principal position."

Everyone — and I mean E V E R Y O N E — hits some bumps along the way. The more we share our stories, the more we'll carry a healthy perspective of what failure and success might look like into our personal journeys.  

Enjoy our latest video release, "Interview with Keith Williams, Part 2"


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