Stevens Technique

Stevens Technique — The Set Up

Stevens technique is tough. In fact, it may be one of the more complex “grips” out there. We refer to grip parenthetically because the originator and developer of this approachLeigh Howard Stevens — offers it forth as a “technique” more than anything else. So we’ll do likewise. 

In my somewhat numerous years of teaching Stevens technique the one constant oversight that plagues so many young marimbists is the lack of ability to properly change intervals. This aspect is laboriously addressed in Stevens’ masterful method book, Method of Movement for Marimba. And every young Stevens technique player should read through the process. Over and over and over. But I also thought it might be useful to boil down some of the narrative concepts into video form. Use this video walk through as an addendum or simply as supporting material to what Stevens already clearly spells out for all of us in his book. Enjoy!

Stevens Technique—The Set Up from Liquidrum on Vimeo.

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