The Practice Journal

Liquidrum Practice Journal for Musicians

Our beautiful  musician's practice journal features gorgeous design and usability. The journal is divided into seven sections — Important Dates, Planning, Assignments, Practice + Work, Tallies, Notes, and Music. Each section is designed to complement the others so that your practice regimen can flourish. And speaking of design, this journal is really something special. Andy Anzollitto, the graphic design guru behind many of the Liquidrum products, along with fellow New York typeface designer Jordan Bell, put together an incredibly unique and beautiful item that we're proud to share with you.

And this journal isn't just for percussionists. It's for any and all musicians regardless of age, ability, or musical interest. From the weekend guitar hobbyist, to the high school band student, to the professional orchestral musician (and in anyone in between), we've got you covered!


Page Samples

Liquidrum Practice Journal Important Dates

Liquidrum Practice Journal Planning

Liquidrum Practice Journal Practice and Work

Liquidrum Practice Journal Tallies

Liquidrum Practice Journal Music


We've created a handful of resources to help you maximize your Liquidrum Practice Journal:

  • The Practice Room — Part 1: Planning BLOG
  • The Practice Room — Part 2: Implementation BLOG

What They're Saying...

"I've always been a fan of taking notes and journaling during my practice sessions. There is so much to remember and it can so easily be forgotten amongst the 500 other things you are trying to accomplish in the practice room. Liquidrum's Practice Journal is a great template for you to get started. It will help you remember those little details you want to change in your playing and also keep you organized with the time you do have to practice."

— William James, Principal Percussionist - Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and Guest Lecturer - University of Missouri

"The Liquidrum Practice Journal helps keep your practice sessions organized and efficient rather than random and aimless."

— Rob Knopper, Percussionist - Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

"As a full-time percussion soloist and performer, I find myself learning and/or maintaining 10-20 pieces of music at any given time. This can be overwhelming, and a challenge in both organizational skills and mental capacity. The Liquidrum Practice Journal offers a solution, providing tangible ways to set goals, track progress, and reflect on this process—an invaluable tool for both students and professionals!"

— Cameron Leach, Percussion Soloist and Clinician