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The Accessories Book

Percussion Accessories Vol. 1 — Method for Tambourine and Triangle

Unparalleled level of instruction.

Percussion Accessories Vol. 1 — Method for Tambourine and Triangle is a comprehensive course of study designed to establish a solid foundation in the two core areas of percussion accessory playing. Equally useful for the individual or class of percussionists, the method book presents a thorough and cohesive pedagogical approach to this family of instruments. Each section of the book builds from the ground up and includes background information, detailed explanations of technique, clarifying illustrations, and short exercises. The final portion of the book includes a set of progressive études in each area that can function as solos or duets. This feature lends itself to a necessary focus on group playing—a vital aspect of percussion accessory performance. Percussionists at any stage of development will find an unparalleled level of instruction and rich resources in this method book.


The Author

TODD MEEHAN is an American percussionist and founder of Liquidrum. He has spent the majority of his professional life performing and teaching. During the formative years of his musical youth he dreamed and aspired to be a great many things—rock drummer, solo marimbist, orchestral percussionist, and timpanist. Several years into his career Todd awoke to the realization that he was in fact doing exactly the thing he wanted to do—making refreshingly new music with friends and colleagues around the country. As it turned out, he found himself happily playing drum set, marimba, timpani, and everything in between in all the ways he never knew he wanted.

Todd founded Liquidrum as a way to break out of the oftentimes hyper-niche existence we all find ourselves in when we fail to get our heads above the treetops and look around a bit. It turns out we all have a lot more in common than we might think.

Visit Todd Meehan’s website for more information on his performing and teaching activities.